Group trainings are meant for a practice of certain segments of the water polo game. In order for everything to function the way we want it to, a lot of work is necessary on individual knowledge. This knowledge must be incorporated and be practiced with the whole team and turned into the strategy.

  • Positioned defence

  • One player less

  • Defence from counter-attack

  • Positioned offense

  • One player extra

  • Counter-attack

  • Theoretical analysis of all the above mentioned segments of the water polo game

  • Video analysis of all the above mentioned segments of the water polo game

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Individual trainings will take place with a small group of players (from 1 to maximum 4,5 players) for specialised positions in water polo. We are specialised in all positions of water polo and in revealing small secrets which will make a big difference in the water polo game. Joining our trainings we will have guests, current and former country representatives and winners of important medals for the Croatian representation and Croatian clubs.

  • Technique in playing “neka”

  • Technique and playing centre

  • Technique in performing all varieties of shots

  • Technique in passing the ball

  • Individual technique in playing defence in all positions within positioned defence and one player less

  • Individual technique in playing offense in all positions within offense and one player extra

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Swimming school

Swimming is one of the basic sports and its knowledge is necessary for water polo. In the swimming school you will learn all four techniques of swimming: crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and “dolphin”, including proper breathing methods with associated starts and turns. The minimum age for enrolment is five years old under the condition that the child can independently sustain itself above water and swim 25 meters using any method. Existing swimmers who want to better their techniques are also welcome to enrol in the swimming school.

  • Teaching of crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and “Dolphin“ techniques

  • Teaching proper breathing techniques in water

  • Teaching starts

  • Teaching turns

  • Bettering swimming techniques or individual aspects of specific techniques

  • Possibility for individual training in swimming

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Water polo

This segment includes all services to do with training, training processes, organizing clubs and representations.

  • Plans and programs of and for water polo schools

  • Education of trainers of all age groups for all segments of the water polo game

  • The selection and specialisation of players by position from the youngest ages to seniors

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